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Driving engagement in downtown Fresno.


The Downtown Fresno Foundation and the City of Fresno worked with us on a smart phone app to enhance the experience of half-day excursions for industry professionals to explore, firsthand all of the best places to live, work and play in downtown Fresno.

The app features location awareness technology (iBeacons | Virtual Points), so participants receive up to date, customized information on their phones as they arrive at each tour stop.  Upon arrival at an apartment building, for example, the app will automatically share a page that shows the building amenities, square footage of the units, nearby services, and contact information for prospective tenants.

The app is interactive so tour participants can share comments and questions about about restaurants, historic buildings, future developments and cultural attractions, art hops, etc. Tour participants have ongoing access to updated information about the sites and can easily share the information with prospective investors, employees and homeowners.

Location-based Alerts

Use iBeacons and virtual GPS points to mark points of interest, art, buildings, bus stops.

Get Feedback

Receive and monitor feedback from people interacting with the app, collect data to improve customer experience.

Real-time Data

Produce real-time data that shows spots people visited, dwell times, popular attractions.

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Fresno is in the midst of a renaissance. New housing, new businesses and new attractions are making California’s 5th largest city a great place to live, work and play. In the last 3 years, downtown Fresno alone has seen millions of dollars of investment in historic building preservation, the construction of over 100 new apartment homes, more than a dozen new dining and nightlife options and the production of world-class cultural attractions.