Creating a safe environment for people who are visually impaired.

How it works

BeAware uses a combination of bluetooth sensors and virtual GPS waypoints to alert users of obstructions in and around their area of travel. Users receive audible alerts and vibrations when in close proximity to an obstruction. The technology works very well in construction areas or constantly changing environments.  BeAware mitigates any potential risk of someone traveling into an area that may be unsafe.  Built to support Apple and Android devices.

How did BeAware get started?

California State University, Fresno was undergoing a campus infrastructure project and saw the need to protect visually impaired students during the project. Since then Fresno State has implemented the BeAware product throughout the entire campus allowing all visually impaired students to access the technology.

Who benefits from using BeAware?

The largest benefactor is any visually impaired person, however sighted individuals also benefit through background notifications, such as anyone walking while staring at a mobile device.

Facilities and Risk Managers reduce man hours per job and lower liability risk exposure.

How is BeAware implemented?

Our training products teach schools, businesses, and cities how to install iBeacons and deploy GPS markers where they’ll be most helpful. Then, anyone who might benefit from this network can install the free BeAware app on their phone and start receiving alerts immediately.

Obstacle Avoidance

Mark fixed and movable obstacles with ibeacon to provide custom alerts to users based on proximity.

Risk Visibility

The dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of all your marked obstructions. Create/modify notifications in real-time.

Safe Paths of Travel

Create pathways that keep people safe. Avoid areas under construction by providing alternate paths of travel and guidance.

Get in touch.  We can help.

BeAware was born when a Facilities President watched a visually impaired student walk into an active construction site. We hear stories from people that it can’t happen.  It does.  It happens everywhere.  Don’t let it happen to you.