Provide visibility of parking inventories using sensors that actively monitor your parking spaces in real-time.

How it works

The ParkAware sensor utilizes a powerful magnetometer to sense when a vehicle is parked over it. The sensor is mounted on the road surface or sub-surface for installation. Installation of a sensor takes just minutes – and sensors can be replaced quickly for maintenance requirements.

The sensor housing is sealed and can withstand extreme weather conditions and withstand very high impacts. The sensor system uses LPWAN technology operating in the 900-930MHz band to enable long range and low power consumption.  One base station can monitor thousands of sensors from miles away in urban environments. Optimized for low-power operation, the battery can keep the sensor in operation for up to four years.

Accurate Sensing

Accurate magnetic sensing system that detects the presence or absence of a car in a parking space.

Finely-tuned Sensors

Finely tuned sensors use very little power while providing continuous vehicle detection without missing a parking event.

Real-time Data

View real-time data while simultaneously recording historical data to uncover correlations, trends and insights.

Enhanced User Experience

Driver’s spot identification, location search, and time notifications all seamless.

Revenue Streams

Enable tiered payment options dependent on parking space demand and availability.

Integrated Payments

Real-time mobile payments at the users finger-tips. Pull-over and pay on the spot.

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Smart parking is one of the most adopted and fastest growing Smart City Solutions across the world. Airports, universities, shopping centers and city garages are just a few entities that have begun to realize the significant benefits of automated parking technology. The ability to connect, analyze and automate data gathered from devices, powered by and described as the Internet of Things, is what makes smart parking possible.